With ambition and passion Ernst and Katja Mican founded 2012 together with the producer Reinhard Brundig from the successful German Production and Distribution company Pandora Film and the film distributor Michael Stejskal from the Filmladen, the independent 2nd District Filmproduction GmbH in Vienna.
The main focus is based on the production and co-production of international movies as well as developing high qualified scripts for the international market.


Beside the Mican Commercial Filmproduction GmbH, which was founded in 1995 by Ernst and Katja, the 2nd District Filmproduction should increase producing international Features, Television and Service-Productions.

The first cooperation based on this aim was the in 2009/10 shooting for 20th Century Fox Film „Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

The 2nd District Filmproduction is producing contemporary sophisticated story telling cinema with a popular view and is trying to close a gap between the traditional author's cinema and the high quality genre cinema.



Ernst Mican / CEO & Producer

 Ernst Mican / CEO & Producer

Ernst Mican was born in 1955 in Steyr, Austria, and started out as a freelance photographer and cameraman assistant for film and television. In 1985 he founded Tale Film along with the advertising legend Gert Winkler and won several national and internationaj TV commercial awards. In 1995 he left Tale Film to form his own commercial film production company along with Katja Mican. In 2012 he became CEO and co-founder of 2nd District Filmproduction GmbH.


Katja Mican / Partner

Katja Mican / Partner

Katja Mican was born in Basel, Switzerland, and started out working for various advertising agencies in her home country. She spent several years working for the art gallery Littmann in Basel, organizing exhibitions for important contemporary artists. In 1992 she moved to Vienna and started working for Tale Film. Along with Ernst Mican she co-founded the Mican Film commercial production company in 1995.
She has produced advertising films and music videos. Since 2012 she is a partner in the 2nd District Film Production.


Reinhard Brundig / Partner


Reinhard Brundig was born in 1951 in Homburg, Germany, and studied German and Political sience until he opened " the Harmonie", Germany's best art film cinema in 1977, along with his partner Karl "Baumi" Baumgartner. In 1981 he founded the film distribution company "Pandora" which has become one of the leading european art house film companies in Europe. In 1995 he founded the Pandora Film Production company which has produced internationally acclaimed works by directors such as Aki Kaurismäki, Jim Jarmusch, Emir Kusturica, Pan Nalin, Bent Hamer, Fatih Akin and many others. In 2012 he founded the 2nd District Film Production company along with Katja and Ernst Mican.