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Overdose (foaled 2 April 2005 in Nottinghamshire, Great Britain) is a Hungarian Thoroughbred racehorse. As of November 2011, he won all but 3 of his 19 races. The owner, Zoltán Mikóczy bought Overdose only by chance. He has been quoted to say "I just put my hand up for fun, I like excitement of the horse auctions. I thought no horse can go this cheap and surely somebody else would bid. He's short and I'd say kind of ugly, so of course nobody wanted him." Sandor Ribarszki, Overdose's trainer said "I tried to talk Zoltan out of it, I mean he didn't even have a name, that shows nobody saw a lot in him."
Two years and ten victories later, Overdose is undefeated and has earned more than 40 times his purchase price.